Automated Directory Assistance

Automated directory assistance interactive voice response (IVR) applications can be programmed with the name and extension number of every person in an organization. Typically, a caller is asked to spell the user's name using the numbers on the telephone keyboard or with automatic speech recognition (ASR) the caller can say the name of the person they are trying to reach to be connected. To ensure that the caller is connected to the right person, a built-in spelling feature can be added to the IVR. Automating these calls is potentially a major opportunity for cost savings and more productive deployment of staff.

Benefits of Automated Directory Assistance

  • 24/7 coverage ensures your customers and employees around the world can quickly and easily contact anyone in the directory at all hours of the day simply by speaking their name
  • Decrease operational costs – staff can focus on other more important tasks and less staff is needed
  • No longer a need for outdated printed internal directory, employees can pick up their handset and say the name of the person to whom they wish to speak to
  • Make changes and updates to the system quickly and easily
  • Improve customer service – consumers can now be guaranteed that they will receive the correct telephone number

Automated directory assistance applications developed with Pronexus VBVoice™ have provided a tremendous improvement to the industry by allowing a caller to have voice-activated access to a large database of company information simply by using the telephone.