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With 11 comes VBVoice’s new user experience, with a new color design and icons that are in step with Microsoft® Windows® 11. The result is an even more intuitive development experience, allowing developers to build applications even faster. VBVoice 11 also introduces our new high availability licensing that enables you to take full advantage of VMware® cluster environments and our new version control capabilities, which allow serialization and change tracking of your VBVoice applications.

Easy to use

Integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio®

Awesome Support

Pronexus’ technical support experts are likely the most knowledgeable and responsive support specialists you will ever talk to.

Easy database connectivity

Our solution will connect with your database or your money back!

FREE Download

Offering free download

Dialogic voice hardware support

Our support is second to none.

Programmable components

Has many pre-programmed and configurable features.

About us

Building your business with voice technologies

VBVoice™ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software enables developing feature-rich inbound and outbound IVR solutions that improve customer service and streamline internal processes.

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