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Our interactive voice response (IVR) videos discuss IVR software features and provide a demo of Pronexus VBVoice™ IVR toolkit.

Click the links below to direct you to our support and how-to videos, or view our YouTube channel, the IVRtube channel, for all of our videos.

VBVoice How-to Videos

How-to Upgrade to VBVoice 11

In this video, we are going to walk through upgrading to the new VBVoice 11. We will go from backing up configuration files and licenses, to upgrading VBVoice, to re-activating the licenses. Please note that we are updating this video shortly to reflect VBVoice 11 and the setup is the same as previous versions. Thank you for your patience.

How To Install and Set Up VBVoice and Dialogic HMP

In this video, Pronexus walks you through installing VBVoice and Pronexus’ recommended software driver, Dialogic HMP.

VBVoice VisualConnect Internet Information Server (IIS)Configuration Set Up

This video provides extra steps to set up internet information server (IIS) to facilitate VisualConnect™ calls. The video shows the steps for IIS 7 on Microsoft® Windows® 7. This is a must watch for those who have little to no experience with IIS.‍

Porting an Existing VBVoice IVR application into a Windows Service

Pronexus Developer, Fouad Jennawi, walks you through how to port your existing VBVoice IVR application to a Windows service. Please download the accompanying white paper.

Building a SimpleVBVoice IVR Application in Five Steps

These examples are shown using VBVoice 7.1 on a Windows 7 environment in Visual Studio 2010.

Step 1 - Adding the VBVFrame

Step 2 - Building the Call Flow

Step 3 -Connecting and Customizing Controls

Step 4 - Using the GetDigits Control and Creating Recordings

Step 5 - Checking and Testing the IVR Application

Ask the VBVoice Expert Videos

Developing complex speech applications can seem like a daunting task. At Pronexus, we know there are a lot of ways to simplify the development process and make sure your VBVoice speech application runs smoothly. So we asked some expert VBVoice developers to share with us their best tips and tricks for developing VBVoice applications.

Volume 1 | Using Delegates to Access Database Information

A best practice when developing applications is to make sure your events in the application’s main thread are taking up as little time as possible.

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