Upgrade to VBVoice 11

VBVoice™ 11 is here – the latest and greatest that the toolkit has to offer. Undertaking an upgrade in software can be a little daunting so Pronexus has prepared a list of the 10 essential steps to get your upgrade done right the first time, and stress free.

1. Backup

Backup existing vbvoice.ini file, Dialogic HMP .lic license file and make note of the Default IP Address in Dialogic DCM. Also make a backup of any existing VBVoice RTM licenses. You can use the Backup button in the RTM interface for this.

2. Uninstall HMP Driver

Use the pre-existing HMP installation .exe for uninstall of the HMP driver. Run the .exe with right click and Run-As Admin. You will see the option to Remove the driver during the installation process. Do the reboot when asked.

3. Run the cleanup_bat File

After reboot go into the remaining Dialogic\HMP folder and run the cleanup_bat file.

4. Install VBVoice 11

Run the new VBVoice installation .exe with right click and select to Run-As Admin. As you will be installing over existing version select YES to uninstall and remove pre-existing version when prompted.

5. Install HMP Driver

Run the new HMP installation .exe with right click and Run-As Admin. Select the SDK, Core and Demo options and then reboot when prompted.

6. Replace the vbvoice.ini File

Replace the vbvoice.ini file with the backup you made earlier (C:\Windows).

7. Select HMP Card Option

Run the VBVoice Control Panel and then run the Voice & Data utility to select the Dialogic HMP card option according to the IP Call Control type you have purchased.

8. Restore and Activate Runtime Licenses

Restore the VBVoice RTM licenses and activate.

9. Reconfigure the Dialogic Card – Relicense Dialogic HMP

Apply the Dialogic HMP .lic file in the HMP License Manager and perform the Restore Device Defaults step on the HMP_Software device in the Dialogic DCM.

10. Configure IP for VoIP Traffic

Set the IP Address you noted previously in the DCM by right-clicking the HMP_Software Device and select Configure Device. Here, select the Default IP Address tab and select the correct IP address for VOIP traffic.‍

Since no two applications are built the same, we are here to help! New customers receive 10 free days of support, contact us at support@pronexus.com should you run into any hiccups along the way.

Happy upgrading!

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