Buy Automated Speech Recognition
(ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) Licenses

Automated speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech (TTS) require the use of third-party engines*; please contact if you are interested in developing and testing with this functionality.


The implementation of an effective automatic speech recognition (ASR) solution can reduce the number of agents, supervisors, trainers, and quality assurance specialists that are needed by your business. If a consumer is provided the option of gathering the information s/he needs without accessing an agent more agents are free to handle calls that cannot be resolved with self-service. The market for speech recognition engines is continually evolving. Consequently, the development platform should support multiple ASR engines, letting you select the appropriate engine for each individual application development effort.


Text to speech (TTS) is a technology that allows you to create a real-time link between text-based content in your database and a customer awaiting an immediate reply. TTS can read any text outloud without using prerecorded prompts. This technology is mature; it has been validated by market deployments and is already largely used in telephony services provided by carriers and enterprises alike.

Most of the top TTS vendors are now exposing their ASR engines through media resource control protocol (MRCP), a standard which allows using the same client with different engines. The flexibility to mix and match TTS engines through a MRCP connector is important because it offers the choice of the desired engines and voices.

* Certain conditions and restrictions may apply when reissuing or rehosting third-party licenses. Please contact your sales manager for additional details regarding third-party licenses, which may be transferrable.