VBVoice 10.1

Pronexus offers technical support for the most current version of our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) products, as well as the two previous versions. VBVoice 10.1 was released January 25, 2017 and is still a supported version.

VBVoice 10.1 with VisualConnect

VBVoice 10.1 features are still contained in the release of VBVoice 10.2. These features include:

  • Flexible modes for deploying visual and voice menus; deploy directly or customize the visual channel first, the choice is yours
  • Visual IVR flows much like a voice call; no need for the end user to press “enter” when entering their information
  • Visual IVR menus can offer more than one method of data input in the same menu (e.g., selecting from a list of menu option or inputting a name into a text box if the desired option does not appear)
  • Visual IVR end users can listen to a voice prompt if desired when using the visual channel
  • Dynamic menus can be turned on and off at runtime without recompiling and redeploying the application
  • All VBVoice support assemblies for .NET are now stored in one library
This diagram explains the analogy between voice calls and data sessions
This diagram explains the analogy between voice calls and data sessions.


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