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You Asked For It | Pronexus’ VBVoice Upgrade Packages

Sometimes there are simple solutions to difficult challenges. Recently, many VBVoice™ customers faced the welcome challenge of upgrading to the latest and greatest version of VBVoice – VBVoice 8.20. The advantages of upgrading are clear: newer versions have more functionality, more security, and allow customers to continue to renew their annual maintenance and support. By upgrading, customers are future-proofing their applications, keeping them current, modern, and secure, not to mention providing their end users with the most feature rich IVR experience available!

However, upgrading can seem like a daunting challenge for customers with multiple production IVR systems in place. The dilemma is – we want to upgrade to get the latest and greatest, but we must do this without taking down our customers critical-use IVR.  Further, we have so many great VBVoice IVR applications on the go; how can we migrate to the new version without incurring third party license costs to test our custom applications against the new software?

So what’s the solution?  

The Pronexus team created the “Tylenol” for your upgrade headache; new full service upgrade packages that let us do the work for you!  Including, but not limited to:

  • Inventory of applications and associated hardware
  • Temporary VBVoice RunTime licenses and other 3rd party licenses to facilitate the QA process
  • One-on-one consulting- a personal helping hand to assist VBVoice customers in upgrading to versions

You can find a complete run down of the three packages (A, B, and C) we are offering on our website – or we can tailor a custom package to suit your needs specifically.

Tell us what you think!  Which package is best suited to your business, A, B, or C?

This new service is the result of customers telling us what they need. Your challenges and your ideas are important to us- let us do your problem-solving for you!

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