Start Developing within Minutes with Free IVR Toolkit VBVoice 7

Pronexus, the developer of the leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toolkit Pronexus VBVoice™, announced today that IVR developers can download VBVoice 7 directly from their website and start building a speech solution within minutes for free.

“We want to empower developers who are looking to create a working prototype by giving them VBVoice without any upfront costs so that they can start building their application today,” said Valentin Doroga, Chief Architect of Pronexus. “Once their application is built, we will even provide them with two free* runtime licenses to test their solution.”

VBVoice IVR software enables the creation of feature-rich IVR solutions including auto-attendantsautomated paymentsfax applicationsnotificationspolling and surveys. IVR applications built with VBVoice have been deployed by thousands of customers in numerous industries including bankinggovernmenthealthcareinsurance and utilities.

Pronexus launched VBVoice 7 in September of last year and has since made the Software Development Kit even more accessible by having the full version available for immediate download on their website. Since the release of VBVoice 7, hundreds of developers have already jumped on board.

“Now I can tell anyone, just download VBVoice, use its controls just like a button in your C# or VB.NET form. And don’t worry about the ringing, call pick up, dial tone, engage tone, disconnect tone”, said Uttam Pegu, writer for “VBVoice controls will take care of them, you concentrate on making your IVR user interface more and more user friendly.”

VBVoice 7 includes support for Windows® 7, Windows Server 2008 as well as Dialogic HMP 3.0 and SR6 PCI support for these operating systems. Also new is Visual Studio® 2010 support.

VBVoice integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio enabling use of familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. It combines an easy-to-use visual call flow environment with fully programmable controls and options like speech recognition and text-to-speech. Time-saving features of VBVoice include a multi-lingual prompt library as well as tens of sample applications.

* Ten business days of free support and two free runtimes valid with first VBVoice download only, one per customer/company. Applies to new customers only.

About Pronexus

Since 1994, Pronexus has delivered proven voice applications and IVR development tools that developers rely on to help them integrate voice with business systems, including unified communications, customer relationship management and field service automation systems.


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