Pronexus™ Offers Easy, Cost-Effective Version Upgrade Packages to VBVoice™ Customers

OTTAWA, Ontario - December 4, 2014 - IVR toolkit developer Pronexus is now offering upgrade packages to help customers upgrade to the latest version of VBVoice. At the request of VBVoice customers, Pronexus designed these upgrade packages to provide an additional, personalized helping hand; customers who are looking to upgrade their IVR applications built on the VBVoice platform can be fully confident that the integrity of their application will be preserved, down time will be minimized, and the cost of upgrading from an older version will be significantly reduced. Each Upgrade Package places the experienced Pronexus Customer Care team in a direct, one-on-one consulting role with IVR staff in order to assist with the upgrade process; the packages offer technical and application consulting from Pronexus staff who have been directly involved in product development. Furthermore, the packages include inventory of applications and associated hardware and provide the customer with temporary VBVoice RunTime licenses and other 3rd party licenses to facilitate the QA process.

As IVR professionals with a 20 year business history, Pronexus understands the vital importance of smooth IVR upgrades. Now Pronexus is making it even easier to upgrade to the latest available version of software in order to future-proof customers’ IVR solutions.

  • Package A will include 4 hours of evening technical consulting in 30-minute blocks (Monday to Friday, 5pm-9pm ET) and assistance with upgrading up to 5 IVR applications. Pronexus Support will provide a checklist of upgrade instructions and will take inventory of applications and associated hardware, providing a report of the required hardware and software necessary for the upgrade. Temporary licenses will be available for QA testing. Package A also includes help switching from an analog phone system to a Voice over IP (VoIP) system.
  • Package B will include all of the components of Package A with 3 additional hours of evening technical consulting for up to 25 IVR applications. Technical Support will assist in setting up a development environment for the upgrade and will run load testing on the migrated applications. Technical Support will also monitor the deployment process and will continue to monitor the upgraded application for 14 days after going live.
  • Package C will include all Package A and Package B components with 5 additional hours of evening technical consulting for up to 100 IVR applications. Technical Support will set up a database to test the application.

Customers with specific needs that are not met in the above packages can also benefit from the Pronexus Upgrade Package offering. Custom packages are available that include components from packages A, B, and C and can include assistance with upgrading an unlimited number of IVR applications.

The latest version of VBVoice eliminates many previous issues found in older versions and improves functionality. Upgrading to the latest version of VBVoice also opens up the possibility of integrating with Pronexus’ latest offering IVRGuard, a highly effective IVR monitoring tool. Purchasing upgrade packages will not only reduce down time, but will also reduce internal cost and time to upgrade; with Pronexus’ Customer Care guiding customers through the upgrade process, customers will be able to upgrade quickly, easily, and in a cost effective way. The VBVoice upgrade packages are the ideal solution for customers wanting to maintain their annual maintenance and support on the latest supported version and are designed to increase functionality and security without compromising the existing IVR application.

About Pronexus Inc.

Pronexus is one of the most seasoned of IVR development toolkits, now in its 20th year. A long recognized and valued name in the IVR industry, hundreds of developers every year rely on VBVoice to develop and deploy new and upgrade old IVR solutions. VBVoice integrates with the latest versions of Microsoft® Visual Studio, enabling use of familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. It combines an easy-to-use visual call flow environment with fully programmable controls and options like speech recognition and text-to-speech. Time-saving features of VBVoice include a multi-lingual prompt library as well as many sample applications that are meant to help learn new concepts and understand toolkit functionality.


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