Pronexus Launches VBVoice 8

Ottawa, Ontario – May 15, 2013 – Pronexus today launched VBVoice™ 8, a dynamic new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development toolkit that supports development in Windows® 8 and Windows® Server 2012 using the latest Microsoft® Visual Studio 2012.

“Visual Studio 2012 is a powerful feature rich tool, and using VBVoice 8 in this new Visual Studio makes developing more efficient and effective than ever. Best of all Visual Studio 2012 supports legacy styles which make converting old applications very simple,” said Jeffrey Howard, Howard Day & Associates.Pronexus continues to lead the IVR market, delivering its no cost IVR development toolkit to IVR application developers around the world with features that thrive in the latest and greatest Microsoft® environments. Now .Net developers can use VBVoice 8 to build speech solutions within minutes with the swipe of a finger, using a touch screen tablet.

“VBVoice 8 is another feature rich product designed by our expert team of architects. This is an exciting announcement, as we see yet again, technology advancements that change the way developers develop. In the 19 years that the Pronexus team has been delivering the best rapid application IVR development toolkit, we’ve shown our ongoing commitment to bringing the market the most advanced, and easiest to use tools available. I hope you enjoy developing with VBVoice 8, the truly dynamic visual IVR builder,” said Gary T Hannah, President and CEO of Pronexus.

Pronexus customers report that the new VBVoice 8 product is a winner, “the ease of developing an IVR application with drag and drop functionality on a tablet is a fantastic time saver. Anyone can become an IVR developer using VBVoice, this toolkit makes IVR development within anyone’s reach,” said Denis Solodovnikov, Lead Developer, Vocantas.

Customers will now find VBVoice easier to navigate, and development time will be shortened using the icon-based control panel. VBVoice 8 now offers customers increased capacity on a single application enabling large scale IVR applications that receive and make thousands of calls such as: auto-attendants, automated payment modules, fax applications, broadcast notifications, polling, surveys and more. Now, IVR applications built with VBVoice will have lower hardware costs and the ability to scale to higher capacity with a single application.

VBVoice has been leading the IVR development market for close to two decades with its easy-to-use, free, IVR rapid application development (RAD) tool kit. We value our customers and have included their input into new features in VBVoice 8 to further improve the ease of use of the toolkit;

  • VBVoice now supports a full deployment on virtual machines, offering customers another cost saving opportunity as there is no hardware required to run the IVR application,
  • When VBVoice 8 is installed any existing installation of VBVoice will be automatically uninstalled, thus streamlining the upgrade process.

“VBVoice8 is the most powerful component of our platform that allows us to develop our smart-IVR solutions. We have awaited it with excitement because it also includes two important features that we requested” said Lorenzo Imbasciati, of Alfapi.

Pronexus is one of the most seasoned of IVR development toolkits, with its 20 year anniversary approaching in 2014. A long recognized and valued name in the IVR industry, hundreds of developers every year rely on VBVoice to develop and deploy new and upgrade old IVR solutions. VBVoice integrates with the latest versions of Microsoft® Visual Studio, enabling use of familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. It combines an easy-to-use visual call flow environment with fully programmable controls and options like speech recognition and text-to-speech. Time-saving features of VBVoice include a multi-lingual prompt library as well as many sample applications that are meant to help teach new concepts and understand toolkit functionality.

Click here for a short video demonstrating the power of VBVoice development on a tablet.

About Pronexus Inc.

Since 1994, Pronexus has delivered proven voice applications and IVR development tools that developers rely on to help them integrate voice with business systems, including unified communications, customer relationship management and field service automation systems.


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