New Zealand Partner Connect NZ Rapidly Re-Develops Legacy IVR Solution Thanks to Pronexus VBVoice’s Visual Design Approach

Pronexus, the developer of the leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toolkit Pronexus VBVoice™, announced today that Connect NZ, a voice technology provider in New Zealand, has chosen VBVoice to re-develop an outdated order processing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution for Wickliffe Limited, a New Zealand e-commerce company.

VBVoice IVR software integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio® and combines an easy-to-use visual call flow environment with fully programmable controls and state-of-the art options that include speech recognition and text-to-speech. IVR applications built with VBVoice have been deployed in numerous industries including bankinggovernmenthealthcareinsurance and utilities.

Connect NZ chose the VBVoice IVR development toolkit after trying out the evaluation version of the software. “Key deciding features in VBVoice were a visual designer and big component toolbox which allowed fast development and flexibility in changing the call flow easily,” said developer Jouni Karppinen.

From the start of development to deployment, the project was completed in about 9 week’s time.  The order processing application provides multiple users with access to a quick and easy ordering solution. It allows users to navigate various catalogues, is able to advise the cost of an item and total order value, read back orders, and remove orders, in addition to many other features. Approximately 50,000 registered users use the system today, diminishing the number of calls to the customer service desk.

“This is another example of how VBVoice can be used to develop IVR solutions that improve business processes,” said Pronexus VP of Sales, Steve Brown. “With the recent announcement of VBVoice 7, our free IVR development tool, we hope more companies like Connect NZ can benefit from the intuitive graphical user interface and sample applications VBVoice comes with.”

About Pronexus

Since 1994, Pronexus has delivered proven voice applications and IVR development tools that developers rely on to help them integrate voice with business systems, including unified communications, customer relationship management and field service automation systems. 

About Connect NZ

Founded in 1979, Connect NZ has grown to become New Zealand’s only solution provider offering voice, image, data and multimedia technology. Connect NZ offers a complete range of products and services, from total solutions through to specialized networks and support.


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