Antara Launches Global Cloud-Hosted Clinical Trial Management System, Built with Pronexus’ IVR Toolkit VBVoice

Pronexus, the developer of the leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toolkit Pronexus VBVoice™, announced today that Antara Software & Consulting has chosen VBVoice 7 to build and deploy the IVR module for their clinical trial management IVR/IWR/EDC solution, TrialDynamix.

Antara turned to the VBVoice rapid application development (RAD) toolkit to develop TrialDynamix’ IVR module. With this solution, Antara provides toll free phone access to the IVRS in over 70 countries, facilitating international clinical studies.

TrialDynamix Version 2, launched in early May 2011, is a cloud-hosted IVR/IWR/EDC application designed to help pharmaceutical companies manage clinical trials efficiently and within budget. TrialDynamix helps users to quickly set up a study, track study progress in real time and reduce the turnaround time required to compile results. The fully integrated solution has a full set of features and benefits to help manage clinical studies ranging from single center studies to large-scale multicenter global studies. The easy to use IVR reduces time wasted in validation and data entry of paper-based surveys, and ensures research results that are accurate and timely.

“Antara saw an opportunity to tap into the clinical trial space by building a comprehensive solution with an IVR component,” said Steve Brown, Pronexus Vice President of Sales. “With VBVoice, they were able to maximize developer productivity and build this new application in a very short time by leveraging the toolkit’s .NET standards and the easy-to-use GUI-based call flow environment.”

VBVoice enables the creation of sophisticated IVR applications using familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. Last year it was announced that VBVoice 7, the newest release, would be available to developers free of charge, making it more affordable than ever to build and deploy IVR applications.

“We chose to build TrialDynamix with VBVoice because it is a very stable and proven platform,” said Girish Nuli, Chief Executive Officer of Antara. “Its RAD features are very important to us because it enables us to customize applications to our customer’s requirements quickly. This allows us to help our customers go live with their clinical trials quickly and very efficiently.”

About Pronexus

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About Antara Software & Consulting

Antara specializes in designing and developing technology solutions for the pharmaceutical industry with core competency in clinical research applications. The Antara team comprises of technology specialists, clinical research domain experts, and project management professionals. Antara has partnered with some of the top technology and clinical research organizations to research and implement innovative solutions and best practices in clinical research.


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