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Why Upgrade to VBVoice 8.20?

Pronexus’ newest release of VBVoice is the product of two decades of experience and innovation. Our development team is always hard at work, and we are constantly pursuing excellence to offer you the best IVR toolkit available. There are many reasons to upgrade to our newest version of VBVoice; keep reading to learn why VBVoice 8.20 is the recommended version for all VBVoice customers.

  • This version is faster to develop and launch, shaving precious hours off of development time and allowing your development team to create a better, smoother IVR application.
  • Our support team is able to better assist you if you are using the latest version; as you update VBVoice, our support team adapts to keep up with the most recent version, and older versions can often be clunky or difficult to work with.
  • Using the latest version will optimize your voice application, making it more intuitive, responsive, and robust. Greater efficiency and reliability are achieved through the incorporation of feedback from our customer base.
  • Staying current keeps your applications “future proof”. Each new version of VBVoice is up to date with new developments in network infrastructure, including system virtualization, VOIP telephony, and speech technologies.
  • VBVoice 8.20, as the newest version of VBVoice, has resolved many of the known issues of VBVoice 7. Some of these issues include conference control, transfers, and voice recognition.

Also, as you may have heard, this version has built-in hooks for Pronexus’ new product, IVRGuard™. Now, you will be notified by email as soon as an error occurs so that development can assess and fix the problem right away. The problem is then dealt with long before it is reported by frustrated callers. This new product improves customer experience hugely; by the time a problem is reported by a caller, your support team may already have the problem fixed.

You can download the latest version of VBVoice. Downloading the latest version now automatically removes all older versions for your convenience.

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