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The Other Side of Omni-Channel: What does this new buzzword mean for interactive voice solution developers?

Ask your marketing team about the term omni-channel and you may hear about the next evolution of customer experience, a game-changer for marketing, or simply that omni-channel is the newest fad in customer service. For developers, however, a customer service trend that champions multichannel communication as part of a new, interconnecting customer experience platform holds serious implications.

Behind the scenes, developers of communication solutions are being encouraged to keep pace with the rumblings of a customer experience revolution. One way to try to meet the new standards of customer experience is trying to link different modes of contact by pulling together a variety of platforms and enabling customers to hop from one to another. However, this can create a Frankenstein monster of a communication solution- technically it’s responsive, but it can be clunky and awkward; it’s more difficult to maintain consistent branding, and more platforms can mean supporting a variety of infrastructures that are expensive to use and maintain. Furthermore, the developer has to build and support a variety of applications.

How are you adjusting to an omni-channel world? We have a few ideas of our own (spoiler alert) that we are excited to tell you about next month. In the meantime we’d love to hear your strategies for incorporating interactive voice response systems into a unified, multi-channel customer service solution!

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