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Take a Look: How Our Customers are Using Pronexus’ Upgrade Packages

With VBVoice 10 launching next month, we would like to remind our customers of our upgrade packages; these packages are an in-demand and powerful resource for customers needing quick, painless, expert-supported upgrades.

Here is a look at how two companies have taken advantage of this great offering!

One company had a very short time window to complete the upgrade. Not only that, but the company was migrating servers and could not test or take offline their existing servers; the migration had to be flawless. They came to us for assistance and purchased one of our upgrade packages that allowed them access to our development environment, which enabled them to complete all their testing and meet their timeline goals. The company made use of Pronexus’ support team, who facilitated the smooth transition.

Another company chose to take advantage of our testing licenses; this company was planning to purchase a large number of licenses for their application, but first wanted to make sure that their new features and modifications would function correctly. Pronexus provided the company with test licenses and expert consultation to ensure the best outcome of the upgrade.

Have confidence in your upgrades! Complete rigorous testing and explore new features using test licenses and our secure development environment, and take advantage of the opportunity to consult with our support team and developers.

Contact Pronexus Sales by email at to inquire about how you can effortlessly upgrade to the newest version of VBVoice!

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