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Pronexus Announces Simultaneous Voice and Data Call-flow Development in their Newest IVR Rapid Application Toolkit

VBVoice, now with VisualConnect™, will support simultaneous dual channel development to create powerful, voice and data enabled applications

OTTAWA, Ontario- July 29, 2015- Pronexus announced today that the newest version of their flagship product VBVoice™, set to be released this fall, will offer simultaneous, dual channel development. The Pronexus team is thrilled to be offering a toolkit that allows interactive voice response (IVR) developers to build visual representations of IVR call flows for web and mobile. VBVoice will now create visual solutions that are just as powerful as the voice solutions that have been built on the VBVoice platform for over two decades. This patent pending technology adds the power of data to traditional IVR applications.

The new product is a testament to Pronexus’ dedication to offering the most powerful and usable IVR development toolkits available today, allowing developers to design and create voice and data solutions simultaneously. VBVoice, now with VisualConnect™, will allow application developers to double their productivity with little additional effort. Dual channel developing will be as easy as selecting a check box; there will be no search for a third party vendor to build an app to activate the data channel. Dual channel data and voice applications will be available with a single click. End users will now access self-service menus using their voice or by touching the screen of their smartphone for applications such as banking, retail, travel, and utilities.

“Offering one-step dual channel IVR development to our customers speaks to our longstanding goal of facilitating powerful, painless, and low cost IVR developing,” said Gary T. Hannah, CEO of Pronexus. “We are looking forward to the official launch this fall.”

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