Lease or buy? Ever wanted a Lexus, but couldn't dream of putting out the 60K? Is $499 a month more your speed? As the interactive voice response (IVR) industry shifts and adapts to customer needs and technology, players in the IVR field are coming up with new ways to offer the service to customers.

In this blog post we're going to examine the new on-demand pricing (or pay-as-you-go) model and a typical and useful application of this model. Think of the on-demand model like leasing a car – only pay for what you can afford and on your terms.

On-demand pricing is becoming more popular because organizations want to pay for applications as they are used rather than make an investment that can be difficult or even impossible to recoup. Think:

  • No contracts (flexibility)
  • Cost savings and easy to budget
  • Flexibility to change offerings on an as-needed basis, such as language options
  • No limitations or maximum per minute caps

A good example of on demand is the ability to design your own survey using IVR in three easy steps:

  1. Load your account with money
  2. Design your survey using IVR
  3. Schedule survey to start working

These steps are done all online without interference from a middleman. Getting back to the leasing get a quality product with minimum to medium investment while you remain in the driver's seat.

Customer feedback is key to any business and surveys play a key role in understanding customer satisfaction. Pronexus has you covered; reach out to to find out more.

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