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Inbound to Outbound: Maximize Your IVR Solution

An efficient IVR solution is a necessary component of professional customer-facing interactions. However, your business can go a step further by making use of IVR outbound calls. Whether it is for marketing, account and bill payment information, or following up on customer feedback, outbound calls are an ideal way to interact with customers.

Some of the benefits of an outbound IVR include:

  • Reaching a large amount of customers in a small amount of time while reducing your staff’s workload.
  • Reducing inbound calls by proactively contacting customers and collecting feedback, reminding customers of overdue payments, and informing them of current promotions. Reducing inbound calls allows your employees to focus on the parts of their job that cannot be handled by an IVR application.
  • Driving revenue by sharing promotions and upselling your product.
  • Scheduling calls for specific times that are non-disruptive with a higher answer rate.

By scheduling outbound calls well and showing that you care about your customers’ opinions and keeping your customers informed, you will breed customer loyalty; your company will stand out as a company that communicates directly with customers to consistently offer the best service and you will be able to respond quickly to the desires your customers. Your customers can be informed of account balances, upcoming payments, and upcoming appointments without searching their inbox for emails or logging in to a web interface. This will enable your customers to keep on top of their bill payments and appointments, lower your accounts receivables, and reduce missed appointments.

Use outbound IVR to connect with your customers in a powerful way, and see customer loyalty and satisfaction grow!

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