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“Easy and Fun”: Solving Problems the Best Way

How do YOU use VBVoice? There are so many applications that take advantage of robust interactive voice response development, and with customers all over the world in many diverse industries, our support and sales teams have seen VBVoice implemented to achieve an amazing range of objectives. The overall theme that unites the experience of our customers, however, is that VBVoice solves problems – quickly, easily, and effectively.

Consider the problem facing a major aircraft manufacturer: in migrating to a new data center, the existing analog telephony system became unusable. The new data center did not accept the modem card necessary to continue to use the legacy system; as a result, the company needed to convert the analog system to an internet (SIP) telephony system.

The company heard about VBVoice by recommendation and decided to use Pronexus’ flagship product to build a SIP IVR system. VBVoice was chosen because it is one of the easiest solutions to develop with one of the quickest times to market of any IVR toolkit. From start to final deployment, converting to an internet telephony system took the company just 2 months (light speed in the development world!); developers referred to using VBVoice to develop the new system “easy and fun”, and praised Pronexus’ staff, from sales to production support for their input on the project.

At Pronexus, we not only want to help you develop your IVR applications quickly and easily, but we want you to enjoy using our product. Share your personal experiences using VBVoice with us and help us to continue providing an IVR toolkit that exceeds expectations!


  • Company size: Huge!
  • Number of employees: 160,000
  • Products/Services: Aircraft manufacturer, defense equipment manufacturer for US government
  • Target Markets: All Airlines and US government

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