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Celebrating our 20th Anniversary with VBVoice 8.20!

We have been celebrating a significant milestone this month at Pronexus. We have reached our 20th anniversary, and it is amazing to think that our first interactive voice toolkit was released around this time in 1994! In honour of Pronexus’ 20th anniversary, we have released our newest VBVoice toolkit, version 8.20. This toolkit is a powerful, robust tool, designed and developed with twenty years of experience and technological advances.

Our new version of VBVoice is interoperable with Microsoft Lync, allowing developers to integrate IVR applications built in VBVoice into unified messaging systems built with Microsoft Lync. A system of this kind can elevate your IVR application into an enterprise class messaging system that is easy to use and keep your messages and contacts organized.

The Pronexus team is also excited about Pronexus SIP Call Control, an optional proprietary SIP call control for VBVoice 8.20 customers. The benefits are numerous; Pronexus SIP Call Control eliminates the need for third party call control, reducing the cost of your application, and it will function as a foundation for additional features in future versions of VBVoice. Pronexus SIP Call Control allows VBVoice to interact with SIP as a user server as well as a user agent, creating more opportunity for the development of new features and applications in VBVoice.

With the addition of Pronexus SIP Call Control VBVoice now provides more call security than ever; with SRTP now embedded in VBVoice 8.20, the risk of eavesdropping is practically eliminated on IVR solutions using carrier-grade secure media. Expensive hardware and dedicated lines to ensure call security are no longer necessary; you can save money by using inexpensive VoIP technology instead. The Secure RTP encrypts all audio streams to keep call information inaccessible to listening and recording attempts; as a result, you can be confident that all information travelling through public networks is safe and secure!

The VBVoice 8.20 installation provides customers with access to Pronexus’ new product called IVRGuard. This is an advanced, optional product now offered by Pronexus that is built to provide custom application monitoring and notification. A lot of hard work has gone into this new product, and we are sure our VBVoice 8.20 customers will love being able to constantly monitor their IVR applications automatically so that they can be alerted as soon as something goes wrong, long before a potential problem is reported by frustrated callers.

If you have any questions about VBVoice 8.20, contact our support team at

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