Pronexus Launches IVRGuard, Robust IVR Monitoring Tool

 Pronexus, today launched IVRGuard™, a powerful new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) monitoring solution that detects and alerts when IVR services are not performing optimally. Pronexus partnered with industry leading application and network monitoring provider to bring the power of its Heroix Longitude® software to the IVR industry in a new product, IVRGuard.

IVRGuard takes the risk and guesswork out of monitoring your IVR application. No more worrying that your IVR is functioning as it should. IVRGuard monitors your production IVR solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and alerts you when there could be trouble. Now in its 20th year, Pronexus continues to lead the IVR market, delivering its no cost IVR development toolkit VBVoice™ for development of thousands of IVR applications in use all over the world. Now IVR developers can rely on IVRGuard to constantly monitor their customer facing IVR solutions and ensure uptime around the clock.

“IVRGuard is another feature rich product designed by our expert team of architects in conjunction with the Heroix team. We are excited about this product as it fills a huge void in the IVR industry. We continually receive requests from customers and prospects asking Pronexus to provide monitoring for their critical use IVR applications, and we have answered the call! Pronexus continues to show our ongoing commitment to bringing the market the most advanced, and easiest to use tools available,” said Gary T Hannah, President and CEO of Pronexus.

Some of the many features of the new IVRGuard solution are:

  • Easy to navigate, password-protected web interface
  • Email alerts when monitoring shows faulty behaviour
  • Configurable parameters for the monitoring application

IVRGuard is ideal for companies with mission-critical or 24×7 operations, such as hospitals, banks, call centres, emergency notification systems or companies with a global employee or customer base. Monitoring the IVR system contributes to ensuring maximum uptime and minimizes loss of service which can, in addition to loss of revenue, have legal ramifications and result in negative publicity and higher customer attrition. IVR monitoring is also key for companies that provide IVR hosting services as well as integrators or ISVs. For these companies, IVR monitoring can act as a support tool for meeting Service Level Agreements (SLA); companies can also provide IVR monitoring to their customers as a value-added service.

Pronexus customers that participated in the beta test phase of the IVRGuard solution report that, “the ease of use of this IVR monitoring application is unbelievable. Finally we have a tool that alerts us when our IVR applications are receiving bad data, multiple ring busy signals, or have gone offline,” said Rob Fryer, Product Development Director, Vocantas.

About Heroix

Heroix has provided best-of-breed application performance and network monitoring solutions for 25 years to companies like Honeywell, Kaiser Permanente, Motorola, Tembec and Young Broadcasting. Heroix Longitude is the fastest, easiest-­to-­use, and most affordable application and network monitoring software available today. This proven, self‐service solution optimizes the availability and performance of applications, databases, systems, IT infrastructure and VMware® running across multiple platforms.

About Pronexus Inc.

Pronexus is one of the most seasoned of IVR development toolkits, with its 20 year anniversary approaching in 2014. A long recognized and valued name in the IVR industry, hundreds of developers every year rely on VBVoice to develop and deploy new and upgrade old IVR solutions. VBVoice integrates with the latest versions of Microsoft® Visual Studio, enabling use of familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. It combines an easy-to-use visual call flow environment with fully programmable controls and options like speech recognition and text-to-speech. Time-saving features of VBVoice include a multi-lingual prompt library as well as many sample applications that are meant to help learn new concepts and understand toolkit functionality.


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