Pronexus Celebrates 20 Years of IVR Success

Pronexus™, proudly celebrated 20 years of IVR success today, marking the first product launched in 1994, by releasing its newest VBVoice toolkit, version 8.20. VBVoice powers thousands of interactive voice solutions around the world. From its humble beginnings in 1994 as a basic interactive voice developer’s toolkit, to the dominant, robust solution that VBVoice is today, Pronexus is thrilled to call itself a true grandfather of IVR.

Andrew Kozminski, member of the Board of Directors Pronexus said, “Wow. I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me 20 years ago that VBVoice would still be the first choice for developers building system-critical and large scale interactive voice response platforms in 2014. We could not have predicted then that around the world, hospitals, banks, utilities, colleges, airlines, stores, and more would continue to rely on automated phone services as heavily as they do today. We are so proud of our team; we have held a leadership position in the market for 20 years… and counting,” finished Kozminski.

Pronexus celebrated its 20-year success by launching its best ever version of VBVoice. Now VBVoice 8.20 offers:

  • Unified messaging through Microsoft Lync Interoperability
  • Secure media through SRTP, and
  • Proprietary call control functionality for SIP, replacing the need for third party call control.

Microsoft Lync Interoperability allows developers to build enterprise class unified messaging systems and to create and integrate IVR applications by using the VBVoice toolkit. As a long-standing Microsoft Partner, Pronexus is committed to keeping pace with the power of the Microsoft platform, ensuring its customers’ compatibility with the full potential of Microsoft’s tools.

Secure RTP is now embedded in VBVoice 8.20 eliminating the risk of eaves-dropping on IVR solutions using carrier-grade secure media. In the past, SIP calls travelling through public networks allowed the audio conversations and data transmitted during the call (including any digits entered such as PINs, or credit card information) to be easily intercepted. Now, Secure RTP (SRTP) will encrypt all audio streams making all the information passed during a call inaccessible to possible attempts to tap into the call.

Pronexus now offers its own optional proprietary SIP call control for VBVoice customers in the 8.20 version. Eliminating the need for third party call control, developers can now reduce the cost of their application and make use of the proprietary Pronexus Call Control. The new Pronexus Call Control eliminates the limitations inherent in using a third party solution, and provides a foundation for adding additional features in future VBVoice releases, such as support for transfers through re-invite messages, support for changes of codecs and other call conditions during the call, and the ability to expose more information about the call to the application.

VBVoice 8.20 includes the option to add the power of solution IVRGuard, the newly launched Interactive Voice Response (IVR) monitoring solution that detects and alerts when IVR services are not performing optimally. Pronexus partnered with industry leading application and network monitoring provider Heroix to bring the power of its Heroix Longitude® software to the IVR industry in a new product, IVRGuard.

About Pronexus Inc.

Pronexus is one of the most seasoned of IVR development toolkits, now in its 20th year. A long recognized and valued name in the IVR industry, hundreds of developers every year rely on VBVoice to develop and deploy new and upgrade old IVR solutions. VBVoice integrates with the latest versions of Microsoft® Visual Studio, enabling use of familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. It combines an easy-to-use visual call flow environment with fully programmable controls and options like speech recognition and text-to-speech. Time-saving features of VBVoice include a multi-lingual prompt library as well as many sample applications that are meant to help learn new concepts and understand toolkit functionality.


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