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Pronexus VBVoice™ interactive voice response (IVR) software comes with practical IVR examples that can speed up your IVR application development time. VBVoice IVR samples are available for C# and VB.NET. Samples are for illustration purposes only and are not intended for production applications. These IVR examples are intended to give you some ideas on how to approach building various IVR applications like voicemail, gateway, predictive dialer or faxing, just to mention a few.

Watch this video where the VBVoice sample applications are discussed.



Call center IVR

IVR Sample Name

Example of an IVR system that uses a voice menu to guide callers through a selection of company, product and support information
Illustrates call queuing and distributing, adding and removing agents
AgentX_Send & AgentX_Receive
Shows how to send and receive messages to/from another application on the network using the VBVoice AgentX control

Auto attendant

DialODBC(Predictive Dialer)
Send Fax
CallerId & CallerId2
DialODBC (Predictive Dialer)
VerifySpeaker & VerifySpeakerEnhanced
Shows how to use the VBVoice remote control to exchange messages with another application on the network in a manner that is synchronized with the processing of the telephony call flow
Shows how to use HMP and Dialogic DNI Thinblade cards to create a simple gateway and bridge both VoIP and digital calls together
Demonstrates using a database to dial a list of numbers. Uses the  database logging capabilities of the dial control to generate a log of each  call attempt
Shows how to retrieve an alpha-numeric string from the caller by  using a two-digit sequence for each letter
Using the VBVoice SendFax control, this IVR example faxes an attachment file along with a cover page to a fax number provided by the caller
Shows how to obtain a caller id from an incoming call and how to use an incoming caller id for a database search
Demonstrates using a database to dial a list of numbers. Uses the  database logging capabilities of the dial control to generate a log of each  call attempt
Shows a simple online order processing system
Illustrates the VBVoice Dynamic RecResult ActiveX DLL and shows how it parses the VoiceRec control recognition result string into ready-to-use RecResult ActiveX properties and methods
Shows how to use Nuance's speech recognition engine with VBVoice
Shows how to use the Dynamic Grammar functionality of the Nuance recognition engine with VBVoice
Demonstrates how to authenticate callers accessing the system
Shows several different features TTS

dual tone
multi-frequency (DTMF) IVR

Self-service IVR

Outbound IVR

Inbound IVR

Speech recognition

Text-to-speech (TTS)


Shows how to set up a simple messaging system (i.e. mailbox). This mechanism is the foundation for a voicemail system

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