White Papers

Porting an Existing VBVoice Application into a Windows Service

March 26, 2015
This white paper accompanies the video Porting an Existing VBVoice IVR application into a Windows Service, hosted by Pronexus Developer, Fouad Jennawi. This document walks you through how to port your existing VBVoice IVR application to a Windows Service.

Using C#'s Extension Methods with VBVoice

February 13, 2015
For developers creating IVR applications with VBVoice™, there are many approaches to expanding object functionality. A feature of the C# programming language, Extension Methods, allows you to expand an object's functionality even if you have no access to the source code. Extension Methods differ from other approaches to expanding functionality because they look like the original members of the target class, and are a very readable (and therefore usable) approach to VBVoice application development.

Selecting Interactive Voice Response Rapid Application Development Tool

August 13, 2012
Developers looking to enter the voice business market face a number of hardware and software choices. This white paper aims to outline some key things to consider when selecting an application development tool.

Understanding Voice User Interface Design

May 24, 2012
Creating intuitive and usable Voice User Interfaces (VUI) involves coordinating a large number of research-based best practices, with the unique needs of each project. This white paper explores various factors that influence VUI design.