Significant Cost Savings

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is the transmission of voice over the internet in real time by digitizing the voice into packets that are transferred independently over the network. Also known as internet telephony, VoIP is a suitable substitute for the public switched telephone network (PSTN), which works by setting up a dedicated channel (or circuit) between two points for the duration of the call.

VoIP versus PSTN

  • All channels carried over one internet connection
  • Upgrades usually require only bandwidth and software upgrades (single connection)
  • Long distance is often included in monthly price
  • Requires dedicated lines
  • New equipment and line provisioning are needed to expand or upgrade
  • Long distance is often an additional cost


VoIP interactive voice response (IVR) solutions can not only bring significant cost savings to a business, but can facilitate a virtual contact center in which information can be easily transferred to any agent, anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet. VoIP is compatible with standard IT technologies like web services, allowing businesses to use distributed agents and virtual contact centers with confidence and to improve customer service through more useful applications and a consistent experience.

Typical VoIP IVR Users

  • Businesses with multiple phone lines
  • Businesses looking for advanced features with limited budget
  • Businesses looking to reduce IT infrastructure costs

Benefits of Using VoIP IVR

  • Cost savings: Save money on multiple phone lines, special features (three-way calling, conference calling, etc.) and long distance
  • Reduce complexity of your technology infrastructure: When you eliminate dedicated voice lines, you no longer need to administer separate voice and data networks
  • Improve customer loyalty and reduce turnover: Enables companies to implement service improvements that have been technically possible, but economically unrealistic
  • Easily integrate with enterprise data sources via technologies such as web services

Pronexus VBVoice™ IVR software allows you to develop VoIP IVR that will save money, improve customer service, and reduce infrastructure complexity.