Voice Verification

Add Security and Convenience with Voice Verification IVR

Interactive voice response (IVR) solutions with voice verification functionality are on the rise for businesses that are looking for added security and convenience. By identifying unique features of a person's vocal characteristics and speaking patters, voice verification IVR applications compare a voice sample with a digital voice model to verify the identity of the person speaking. Biometric technology reduces each spoken word to segments composed of several dominant frequencies called formants. Each segment has several tones that can be captured in a digital format. The tones collectively identify the speaker's unique voice print. Voice prints are stored in databases in a manner similar to the storing of fingerprints or other biometric data.

Examples of Voice Verification IVR Applications

  • ‍Banking and accounting: Verify the caller is the account owner
  • General business: Employee attendance verification and access control, secure automated password resets
  • Government: Protect sensitive information and resources
  • Sales: Digital signatures for purchasing transactions over the phone

Benefits of Using Voice Verification IVR

  • ‍Substantially reduce the risk of identity theft
  • Save time and money for personal identification number (PIN)/password resets
  • Focus staff on higher value interactions and work by eliminating time taken to verify a callers identity
  • Accurate and reliable identity verification
  • Provide a better 24/7 customer service experience
  • Can be more accurate and faster than typing or touch-tone entry

Voice verification IVR applications, such as employee PIN or password reset services, are producing positive results for those businesses who have already implemented them into their call flow. Voice recognition systems have a high user acceptance rate because they are perceived as less intrusive and are one of the easiest biometric systems to use. Pronexus VBVoice™ IVR software allows you to develop a highly scalable, cost effective, voice authentication IVR solution that will add security and convenience.