Automate Transactions with Self-service IVR

Investments in self-service interactive voice response (IVR) applications have skyrocketed during the past a few years, with companies large and small building or enhancing self-service IVR solutions. It is easily more expensive to have a live agent handle a call than an IVR.

Examples of Self-service IVR Applications

  • ‍Banking: Change personal identification number (PIN), change of address, balance inquiries, credit requests
  • Government: Check licensing
  • Healthcare: Claim status, cancel/reschedule appointments
  • Insurance: Insurance quotes, policy information
  • Sales: Order status requests
  • Utility companies: Meter reading, pay bills

Benefits of Using Self-service IVR

  • ‍Increase customer satisfaction and customer retention by enabling automated IVR self services from anywhere at any time, with any phone
  • Drastically reduce costs, while maintaining high quality service levels
  • Offer a multilingual, personalized service
  • Multi-channel set up reaching all users, including the disabled and the elderly
  • Reuse existing infrastructure and web content investments
  • Efficiently manage call peaks and avoid customers waiting in call queues
  • Dedicate human agents to more sophisticated services

Building powerful self-service IVR applications with Pronexus VBVoice™ will help automate many transactions that formerly required live employee assistance, while enhancing the user experience by letting them access information more naturally and efficiently 24/7.