Outbound IVR

Reach Your Target with Outbound IVR

In the past, outbound customer interactions were handled by way of direct mail, or internal staff. Today, many businesses are leveraging outbound interactive voice response (IVR) applications to notify their customers of events, sales or issues. Outbound messages can be tailored and personalized to each individual, generating a high customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty. Outbound IVRs are efficient because they can quickly and inexpensively contact large groups of people.

Examples of Outbound IVR

  • ‍Missed appointment reminders: Customers are called if they miss an appointment, providing an opportunity to reschedule
  • Appointment reminders: Customers are called the day before an appointment to confirm, with the option to reschedule -- fewer no shows
  • Customer service follow up: Customers are called after service or sales transactions to ensure that they were satisfied with their experience
  • Customer mining: Based on content management system (CMS) data, the software can generate targeted business development campaigns such as due-for-service reminders, specials, recalls or sales events
  • Bill collecting: Based on the CMS data, your system could even call your overdue accounts and remind them that their bill/payment is overdue

Benefits of Using Outbound IVR

  • ‍Improved customer service: Provides customers with a personalized call experience, immediate information and can be scheduled to ensure you reach callers at a nondisruptive time. Also portrays your company as hands on
  • Reach large groups quicker than with manual dialing
  • Drive revenue: Increase collections or upsell product
  • Reduce costs: Reduce inbound calls
  • Proactive communication: Instead of waiting for customers to call your company, outbound solutions allow you to proactively reach out to customers through a variety of channels and applications

From marketing surveys to notifications, outbound IVR provides an effective and affordable way to maximize your outbound campaigns. Pronexus VBVoice™ makes it easy to develop an outbound IVR application that will help your company proactively communicate with your customers.