Gift Card Activation

With an automated gift card interactive voice response (IVR) application, customers can activate their card, check their balance or add money to their card through the telephone. Not only is this self-service solution easy for customers and cost effective for call centers, but the gift card IVR can help prevent card fraud by sending out cards as inactive and requiring the customer to call in to securely active their card. Customers can call from their home phone or even from their cell phone while shopping in the mall.

Benefits of Gift Card Activation IVR Application

  • ‍Security: Gift card holders can be assured that their gift card is not intercepted and spent before they receive it
  • Increase sales: Due to the added security and convenience of your gift cards, customers will be more likely to buy them
  • Gain advantage over competition
  • Reduce operating costs for managing paper gift cards
  • Increase convenience: Customers can activate, reload or update their gift cards 24/7
  • Personalize the greeting to blend into your corporate identity

Gift card activation IVR applications developed with Pronexus VBVoice™ are fully customizable and allow your customers to conveniently manage their own gift cards, resulting in improved customer service and higher sales.