A fax server interactive voice response (IVR) is a computer-based fax machine. It allows a company to securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application, whether it be via fax, email, print or internet. By integrating and automating the flow of fax, paper and electronic documents, businesses can experience significant cost reductions.

With approximately 100 million fax machines worldwide, faxes are still an ideal way to disperse information. Fax on demand allows a caller to retrieve information via fax simply be using their phones. Users can either use touchtone to choose the document or automatic speech recognition (ASR) to “say” which document they would like. This service is ideal for companies who need to have information constantly available to their customers or employees in places other than their website. For example, wholesale electricity prices, mortgage rates and account balance information can be dynamically updated just prior to transmission and easily sent to the end user.

Typical Fax Application IVR Users

  • ‍Businesses that send faxes from and receive faxes on a computer
  • Businesses that need a fax system that can handle multiple lines and faxes
  • Businesses that need the same document faxed to many different recipients
  • Businesses that have remote clients who need to submit faxes to the fax server
  • Businesses that need an archive of all faxes

Examples of Fax-on-demand Uses

  • ‍Provide forms or applications to your customers
  • Process catalog orders
  • Post event schedules or late-breaking news
  • Send large documents that can be faxed more easily than emailed to destinations with only dial-up links
  • Provide technical support in the form of technical bulletins
  • Distribute information for sales and marketing

Benefits of Using Fax-on-demand

  • ‍Reduce costs by allowing an IVR to handle your fax requests (you can reduce expenses for staffing, phones, postage and printing)
  • Increase customer satisfaction: customers appreciate having immediate access to updated information and having the ability to serve themselves
  • Improve office efficiency and free up support and service staff by automating the fulfillment of requests
  • Provide 24/7 unattended access to information for your customers and prospects
  • Fulfill lead generation activities for sales and marketing programs