Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Increase Caller and Operational Efficiency with Speech Recognition

The implementation of an effective automatic speech recognition (ASR) interactive voice response (IVR) solution can reduce the number of agents, supervisors, trainers and quality assurance specialists that are needed within the call center and provide your callers with a self-service solution. If a customer is provided the option of gathering the information s/he needs without accessing an agent, more agents are free to handle calls that can’t be resolved with self service.

Current Trends

  • ‍Need to reduce call center operating expenses to improve the company's margins and bottom line
  • Desire to automate as many servicing tasks as possible prior to moving call center activities offshore
  • Need to replace self-service applications that are either reaching their end of life or becoming too expensive to maintain
  • Current generation of self-service web and voice portal technologies and solutions that can deliver high value applications not previously available

Why Upgrade to ASR

Reduce costs

  • ‍Self service means your business’s staff and operating expenses can be controlled and/or reduced

Drive revenue

  • ‍Automatic transactions mean your call center can handle more calls with the same number of agents
  • With overhead costs alleviated and improved customer service, you have the flexibility to offer new services and increase customer loyalty
  • Build brand new voice-driven services that differentiate your company and deliver potential new revenue sources

Increase caller and operational efficiency

  • ‍Information is delivered more consistently when customers can respond to verbal prompts
  • Eliminate errors in manually entered touchtone numbers
  • Expand possibilities beyond the telephone keyboard
  • Efficiently manage call peaks and avoid customers waiting in call queues
  • Dedicate human agents to more sophisticated services
  • Reduce the amount of time an agent needs to remain on a line, increasing the number of calls that agent can effectively handle within their shift