Auto Attendant

An auto attendant interactive voice response (IVR) application directs telephone calls to the appropriate extension based on selections made by the caller. The IVR replaces or helps human operators by greeting the caller with a welcome message and routing the call to the right destination. IVR auto attendants can also be integrated with a number of call management functions such as an automatic call distributor (ACD).

Examples of auto attendant applications:

  • Telephone information lines or hotlines
  • Banking (e.g., balance update, credit card payment)
  • Food delivery services  (e.g., automated telephone order taking)
  • General enterprise (e.g., office hours, directory assistance)

Benefits of Using an Auto Attendant

  • Extend hours of operation (24/7)
  • Automate routine tasks thereby freeing agents to concentrate on more complex service requests
  • Speed response times to callers
  • Expand call capacity faster and at a lower cost
  • Provide multilingual support
  • Reduce the cost of organizational turnover

An auto attendant IVR application developed with Pronexus VBVoice™ saves money in overhead costs and simplifies incoming phone call procedures. Call centers in particular can instantly become more productive by letting the phone system gather caller information, verify caller identity and determine the best service representative to handle the request.