Initial Server Integration Requirements

As a part of the installation process for the Dialogic® driver required to connect your VBVoice™ to a telephony circuit there are some initial configuration requirements. To start, Dialogic doesn't support physical address extension (PAE) and data execution prevention (DEP), so both must be disabled as a part of every Dialogic integration.

Disabling PAE on Windows Server® 2008 and Windows® 7

Use the Microsoft® bcdedit tool, as described at this Microsoft link. Dialogic is not responsible for the content of external links.

Both the nx and pae values should be set as shown below:

nx AlwaysOff
pae ForceDisable

Use the bcdedit tool from a command prompt, like this:

C:\bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOff
C:\bcdedit /set pae ForceDisable

As we continue to move forward with Dialogic integration, some important notes about Dialogic integration requirements can be found in the Dialogic® Host Media Processing Software Release 3.0 WIN Release Update.

Sections of note:

1.8 Notice about Microsoft Windows Updates
1.9 IPMI Updates
1.10 Anti-virus Software Policy
1.11 User Account Control Recommendation
1.19 Upgrading Intel Network Adapter Drivers on Windows Server® 2008 and Windows® 7

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