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How IVR Continues to be Relevant: Introducing VIVR

Interactive voice response (IVR) technology is constantly adapting to the industry’s needs. An example of such an adaptation is visual IVR (VIVR).

Lease or Buy?

Lease or buy? Ever wanted a Lexus, but couldn't dream of putting out the 60K? Is $499 a month more your speed?

Always On! – Taking the Call No Matter What!

Have you ever been trying to answer an automated call in a loud area and struggle to make your responses heard above all of the noise?

IVR Lives: Why the Banking Industry Still Values Interactive Voice Response

The expectation 20 years ago was that the internet would take over from IVR; the natural tide of progress seemed to be saddling IVR with a clear expiration date.

Today’s Speech Technology: Intelligent Integration

Recent trends in voice technology – such as SIRI's natural language or voice biometrics – have many of our customers thinking that voice technology is a relatively new phenomenon.

Natural Language: What the Heck is That?

Innovation at the speed of light. Every day new products continue to become an integral part of our daily lives that were unheard of five years ago (think Keurig, rear park assist, Uber).

Cloudy Days are Good Days: How Our Customers are Taking Advantage of Cloud Hosting

A lot of VBVoice customers are now moving towards cloud computing. There are many reasons to pursue this; hosting in the cloud can be cheaper, more secure, faster, and more flexible than traditional computing.

Your Voice. Uniquely You.

What do your fingerprints, your hair and your voice all have in common?


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