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Combining VBVoice and LumenVox to Deliver World Class Automated Healthcare Solutions

Why selecting Pronexus' partner LumenVox provided significant value to the application developers while offering competitive pricing and outstanding support.

When the Call Gets Dropped

Those in the speech application industry know that when customers pick up the phone, they are on a mission – whether they’re trying to figure out an account balance, what a company’s business hours are, or how to pay a bill.

Why We're Excited About VBVoice 10.1

Last month, Pronexus launched VBVoice 10.1 with VisualConnect™, offering developers an even simpler way to deploy multichannel IVRs.

SpeechTEK 2016’s Lessons from the Mouse: What Did You Miss from This Year’s Keynote?

The SpeechTEK Conference is a highlight for many of us in the speech industry; the conference is often a place where we are able to make connections, find out what is trending, and define some of the confusing and frequently misunderstood concepts that are buzzing around the internet.

When Automated Speech Became Fancy

It's 1999. The dreaded millennium countdown is on. Will my debit card work on January 1, 2000? Will my computer turn on?

“Easy and Fun”: Solving Problems the Best Way

There are so many applications that take advantage of robust interactive voice response development, and with customers all over the world in many diverse industries, our support and sales teams have seen VBVoice implemented to achieve an amazing range of objectives.

Take a Look: How Our Customers are Using Pronexus’ Upgrade Packages

With VBVoice 10 launching next month, we would like to remind our customers of our upgrade packages; these packages are an in-demand and powerful resource for customers needing quick, painless, expert-supported upgrades.

On the Road Again – Renewed Microsoft Partnership Secures Access to Microsoft Roadmap

Pronexus has always been dedicated to offering products that are future-proof and easy to integrate.

Pronexus Announces Simultaneous Voice and Data Call-flow Development in their Newest IVR Rapid Application Toolkit

VBVoice, now with VisualConnect™, will support simultaneous dual channel development to create powerful, voice and data enabled applications


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